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007: Agent Under Fire

007: Agent Under Fire / Xbox
editor score 6.8
user score 6.8
Release Date





First-Person Shooter




Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts


007: Agent Under Fire is a first-person shooter that includes the James Bond license. It includes a variety of weapons and gadgets, with each one specific to the level that the player is about to embark upon.


Takin' down a bad guy.
Takin' down a bad guy.

The game has no relation to any of Ian Fleming's Bond novels. The game begins with an infiltration mission in Hong Kong, where Bond is trying to rescue a CIA spy called Zoe Nightshade, who has been captured by an evil Russian named Nigel Bloch whilst investigating his botanical research firm known as Identicon.

Before capture, Nightshade - along with the CIA - had good reason to believe that Identicon was a front for a massive smuggling ring dealing with biological weaponry. After Bond's successful rescue, and retrieval of a suitcase containing biological evidence, the pair escape together in Nightshade's car and plan to rendezvous with R at the city's docks.

Zoe Nightshade is then killed by a female assassin known as The Jackal who then steals the suitcase. Afterwards, Bond embarks to take back the suitcase in his BMW before it falls back into the wrong hands again. However Bond is too late to stop the suitcase being transferred to an armored van so must chase it through the streets of Hong Kong before disabling it with the BMW's Q-Pulse.

Analysis of the suitcase reveals that there were nine vials of human blood samples along with pictures of the British embassy in Romania. 8 of the vials were labelled with the initials of a leader of an industrial nation in the world and the last labelled "Griffin". It is discovered that one Reginald Griffin is currently working as a British diplomat in the Romanian embassy and deeply concerned with protecting an area of the embassy outwith his jurisdiction. Bond is tasked with investigating this but learns doing so that a genetics company - Malprave Industries - is potentially involved with Identicon and the suitcase containing the vials.

To prove this, Bond infiltrates Malprave Industries and finds incriminating evidence of their involvement. By analysing the data retrieved from the databases in Malprave Industries it is discovered that a former employee of Malprave, Natalya Damescu, escaped with a data chip containing information on something known as "Poseidon". Damescu has since taken refuge in the British Embassy. It is also known that Carla The Jackal has been hired to kidnap Damescu and retrieve the data chip. After successfully dealing with The Jackal and rescuing Damescu, Bond makes his way to R so that he can decode the data chip.

Decoding the data chip reveals that Malprave has an offshore oil rig in the South China sea which it is believed holds a secret entrance to Poseidon. Bond encounters Bloch again who both fall into a pool whilst having a punch-up, which coincedentally is the secret entrance to Poseidon. Bond gives chase to Bloch using the underwater transport system used around Poseidon and eventually kills Bloch.

Bond then discovers the laboratories within Poseidon and begins to destroy them in order to prevent Malprave from continuing any more cloning. Bond then escapes in a submarine where he discovers Zoe NIghtshade again. Wary of Nightshade's previous demise, Bond is quick to hold a gun up to Nightshade and question her exsistence. Zoe explains that The Jackal was supposed to kill Bond and that Nightshade's death in Hong Kong was that of a clone designed to gain information about what MI6 knew about Poseidon and then further to infiltrate the CIA.

After letting the auto-pilot steer the pre-determined course, the submarine arrives at a Royal Navy carrier ship in the Mediterranean sea which is believed to be the summit of the G8 world leaders. The carrier ship has been taken control of by Malprave's men and it is Bond's task to secure the ship. Furthermore, it is inferred that Malprave had used the blood samples from the G8 world leaders to create clones of them in order to control most of the world through her clones as she saw fit. Bond succesfully kills all of the clones onboard the carrier before they can escape.

After securing the ship, Bond and Nightshade travel back to Malprave Industries in the Swiss Alps where Malprave is holding the 8 world leaders hostage by means of a jet fighter. Bond successfully resuces all the hostages before having his first (and only) face to face encounter with Malprave. Malprave sarcastically congratulates Bond on his rescue success but counters this by setting the base to self destruct. Bond then sees the genuine Nigel Bloch and both men fight each other in the game's conclusion.

Bloch escapes into another area after some fighting but drops his rocket launcher behind as the self destruct begins to count down from 10 seconds, inferring that he believes both him and Bond will die together. Bond however picks up the rocket launcher and fires at Bloch, propelling him out of the window he is front of. The base now exploding, Bond begins running towards the same window with Malprave giving chase behind before diving out of the window just as the base gets completely destroyed behind him in one huge explosion with Malprave caught in the blast.

Bond is then shown lying on top of the jet as it elevates showing Nightshade in the pilot's seat. Bond enters in the passenger seat and both fly away with the base in flames behind.


The game rates the player's skill on any given level by giving them a Bronze, Silver, Gold award upon completion. Once a Gold award has been achieved additional 007 tokens will be hidden throughout the level. The player is then challenged to earn a Gold medal again whilst collecting all the tokens in order to obtain a Platinum award. Earning a Gold award on a level unlocks a perk, such as a new gun or unlimited ammo for the single player, while earning a Platinum award rewards the player with additional options in multiplayer:

Mission NameTarget ScoreGold RewardPlatinum Reward
1: Trouble in Paradise50,000Golden GunMap: Rocket Manor
2: Precious Cargo50,000Golden CH-6Game mode: Golden Gun
3: Dangerous Pursuit70,000Unlimited MissilesCharacter: Stealth Bond
4: Bad Diplomacy70,000Golden AccuracyPowerup: Gravity Boots
5: Cold Reception90,000Golden ClipCharacter: Guard
6: Night of the Jackal90,000Golden GrenadesWeapon: Viper
7: Streets of Bucharest100,000Lotus EspritCharacter: Alpine Guard
8: Fire and Water100,000Rapid FireWeapon: Calypso
9: Forbidden Depths110,000Golden ArmorGame option: Full Arsenal
10: Poseidon120,000Golden BulletsCharacter: Cyclops Oil Guard
11: Mediterranean Crisis130,000Regenerative ArmorCharacter: Poseidon Guard
12: Evil Summit130,000Unlimited AmmoCharacter: Carrier Guard


  • Q-Decryptor- A program on your cell phone that descrambles codes to unlock doors.
  • Q-Claw- A mobile phone gadget that acts as a grappling device. Good for hard to reach locations or finding secret areas.
  • Q-Laser- A laser to break locks or other obstacles in your path.
  • Q-Specs- X-ray glasses used to reveal hidden doors or hatches.
  • Q-Camera- Used to take pictures of suspicious things.
  • Q-Remote- Downloads programs and activates certain devices.
  • Q-Card- Point at any electronic lock and it automatically resolves the locking mechanism.
  • Q-Jet- Used to lift an agent into the air and help him get onto higher platforms.



  • Wolfram P2K
  • Windsor Viper
  • IAC Defender
  • Dart Gun
  • The Golden Gun

Submachine Guns

  • Koffler & Stock KS7
  • Ingalls Type 20
  • Calypso P-750
  • Munitions Belgique PS100

Assault Rifles

  • Kazakovich KA-57
  • Windsor FSU-4
  • Meyer-Westlicher UGW
  • Koffler & Stock D17


  • Hand Attack
  • Frinesi Special 12 ( Shotgun)
  • SWZ SSR4000 ( Sniper Rifle)
  • Grenades
  • MRL-22 ( Rocket Launcher)

Multiplayer Weapons

  • Grenade Launcher
  • Mines
  • Photon Cannon