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Medal of Honor: Frontline

Medal of Honor: Frontline / Xbox
editor score 8.5
user score 8.5
Release Date




First-Person Shooter


World War II


EA Los Angeles


Electronic Arts


Storming the beaches of Normandy
Storming the beaches of Normandy

Set at the beginning of WWII you follow James Patterson, a young lieutenant in the 116th Infantry division. Cheating death and escaping the German lines after a failed air drop, Jimmy wants another crack at the Germans... the hard way, by storming the beaches at Normandy. You're thoroughly introduced to the German war machine in missions ranging from infiltrating a weapons facility to hijacking the newest plane the Luftewaffe has to offer.


You will play as a covert spy in many missions
You will play as a covert spy in many missions

The player uses a handful of period weapons ranging from the Army standard Colt .45 to the German MP40 machine gun. The life meter and ammo count make up your HUD as you pass from objective to objective along your mission. There's also a mission rating and medals system that takes your performance in each mission and gives you medals accordingly, which adds some replay value depending on your desire for achievement.


The campaign itself consists of 19 missions in which you

  • Storm the Beaches of Normandy
  • Seize the Nijmegen Bridge
  • Infiltrate a secret weapons facility
  • Sabotage U-Boats
  • Stow away on a armored train
  • Hijack the Nazi's newest experimental plane

And a handful of other missions that let you dish out the damage to the Germans.

HD Re-release

At Sony's 2010 E3 press conference it was announced that a high-definition remastered version of Medal of Honor: Frontline would be included as part of the Medal of Honor reboot Limited Edition exclusively on the PS3. The game will run in 3D.