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Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III / Xbox 360
editor score 8.5
user score 7.4
Release Date






Martial Arts

Alternate Historical



Ubisoft Annecy Studios


Ubisoft Entertainment

  1. Brem


    on 1/11/13
    Score 7.5

    A very fun and entertaining game, but the story isn't on par with previous Assassin's in the series and the main character "Connor" is very boring and doesn't have the fun humour that Ezio had.

  2. Scratimus


    on 24/5/15
    Score 4.9

    Picking up right where Revelations left off comes this piece of excrement. I will tell you the good, the bad, and the nerdy. And yes I love Andre the Black Nerd.

    The Good:
    Not much but a turd with a nice bow is still a turd. AC3 moves to the Colonies and their struggle against the tyranny of the Land of Fish and chips. Taking hold of Haytham Kenway the gamer will soon find out like I did not to invest too much in him. But this isn't good in a way it is because you find out he's a templar thus giving you a twist to carry on with the game. You soon after this revelation move on to Connor Kenway his son and continue on. As Conner you frolic through the lands of Merica, hunting, harvesting, and occasionally killing targets and red coats.
    New ways of killing are introduced that plainly rip off the Arkham Series of Batman only with death not knocking people unconscious. Their are collectibles to and resources to make macmuffins galore that add to the experience that is this game.

    The Bad: Hold on tight, its about to get dark.
    I mention Batman before, that's what Connor is trying to be throughout this meh of a game. His story, tactics, attitude, and having a completely useless mentor. You lost your family/tribe we get it but you whine about it all the time! I ended up not empathizing with Connor at all, his portrayal is lack luster and gameplay with him is on an outdated game engine.
    The main stories in and out of the animus fails to engulf you or inspire you to care. Side missions are assassination targets and MacMuffin gathering and creating and only serve to squeeze what little AC3 has to offer in a piss poor attempt to extend gameplay.

    The Nerdy:
    If you love history this game offers a pretty good amount of it. Interacting with historical figures feels genuine but are easily forgotten due to Conner's one trick pony persona. The Konami code is used in the game to give you an assassin creed turkey that follows you around, which is a nice touch.

    All in All AC3 fails to measure up to what this franchise accomplished with AC 1 and Ezio's Story. 4.9/10. This killed the franchise!