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Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline / Xbox 360
editor score
user score 10.0
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First-Person Shooter




Visceral Games


EA Games


Battlefield Hardline is a game in the EA-published Battlefield franchise, and the first in the series to be developed by Visceral Games. The game will feature a law enforcement versus criminals setting.

Single Player Character Bios

Nick Mendoza

Newly christened Miami detective Nick is from the wrong side of the tracks, the first legitimately employed member of his family for generations. Nick's a loner, a crusader, and is determined to make his way to the top of the pile. His making detective is validation that he's left behind the man he feared he might become.

Marcus "Boomer" Boone

After a few tours in Iraq as an intelligence analyst, Boomer came home and started applying the skills he learned from Uncle Sam to the criminal trade, acting as an IP specialist for a variety of nefarious characters. Though he's a gray-hat hacker, Boomer really wants to be one of the good guys and his old friend Khai gives him that chance.

Julian Dawes

Known for picking young cops out of the ranks and shaping them into star detectives, Dawes's office has been a place of tutelage and gentle idolatry for a generation of Miami's finest. Blessed with a politician's charisma and a forensic scientist's eye, Dawes is clearly grooming himself for the top brass.

Khai Minh Dao

A first-generation Vietnamese-American who hails from outside LA, Khai turned her back on the west coast and a rebellious youth to put a star on her chest. Rising quickly through the ranks, she's established herself to her fellow officers and the usual underworld suspects as a smart, able detective who isn't afraid to let her temper take over.




Tyson Latchford

Tyson spent his youth slinging cocaine, but has evolved into an upper middle-class criminal who spends more time with spreadsheets than scales and gram bags. His job is to make sure the drugs get to where they’re supposed to go; after that it’s somebody else’s problem. When he’s not working, Tyson imagines himself taking up golf.


Details about the game leaked on May 27 in an update to EA's Battlelog service, which included assets and info ahead of the official announcement. Soon after, a gameplay trailer emerged that used the codename "Omaha." Visceral Games VP Steve Papoutsis officially confirmed the game's existence in a post on EA's website that same day, mentioning that Hardline would begin "a whole new series in the Battlefield franchise."