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FIFA Street

FIFA Street / Xbox 360
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EA Canada


EA Sports


FIFA Street is the first FIFA Street in almost four years and is developed by the team behind FIFA 12, as well as using the FIFA 12 engine (as opposed to previous FIFA Street games e.g FIFA Street 3 used NBA street homecourt engine). Play with and against real-life street stars and football icons while competing at 35 different locations around the world. Both national and club teams are available for use.

There is still a large amount of customisation in the game including individual player clothing and team colour schemes. This is similar to the previous games and is unlocked throughout the world tour.



World Tour - Similar to 'Rule the Streets' from FIFA Street 2 this is the main game mode in FIFA street. The player must take on local, national and international teams throughout their career. This will involve playing tournaments and building up your squad through beating teams.

Freestyle - Use skills and tricks on the pitch to earn potential points, then score a goal to 'cash' them in.

Panna - In this variant you gain three points for nutmegging (through the legs) an opponent, two points for an 'air move' and one point for scoring a goal.

Last Man - In Last Man Standing mode you lose a player upon scoring a goal. First team to lose all players is victorious.

Futsal - There are no walls in Futsal mode and the ball is smaller than in other game modes. Rules are also customisable in Futsal.