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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V / Xbox 360
editor score 10
user score 8.7
Release Date







Action & Adventure


Rockstar North


Rockstar Games

  1. SmartApps


    on 12/10/13
    Score 9.9

    An experience unlike any other. The level of detail in this game, as well as the amount of things to do is staggering. I got so lost and addicted to this game, (currently at 169 hours in) that real life house duties fell to the wayside. The online component is pretty cool, put there are way too many glitches and exploits to have this considered a final product. Maybe when GTA Online v2.0 comes out it will the the definitive experience we want, but for now the online is just a very fun distraction to the amazing single player experience.

  2. DankestTouchie


    on 3/5/14
    Score 3.0

    if you love GTA4 then you shall love GTA5 hundreds over. sure we had problems 6 days in multiplayer where peoples players where coming up missing. no heist yet but its coming SOMETIME. I like it but its growing kinda stale. im writing this in the hopes it updates next weeks and all this is hog wash.

  3. kakashi6969


    on 5/5/14
    Score 9.8


  4. mmcghee00


    on 12/5/14
    Score 10

    One of the single most detailed games in the history of man. An all time great.

  5. Ppaige2001


    on 5/6/14
    Score 9.9

    My all time favorite game no matter what.

  6. Irish


    on 25/6/14
    Score 9.9

    The Characters alone in this game are extremely entertaining and are great to play as and Listen to
    The Level of Detail and Graphics in this game is Mind-Blowing , Easly over 50-60Hours of Gameplay with Everything done in the Singleplayer alone
    It Improves everything from every Grand Theft Auto game ever , The Missions are in a massive variety along with brand new Heists and you never feel bored or uninterested in the story
    With over 190 Vehicles and Dozens of Airplanes and Helicopters to use with Hundreds of clothing items and Dozens of Weapons along with the main story missions and side activities and missions like Strangers and Freaks , This game can be overwhelming
    Then Throw in 16-Player Online with Stores to Rob
    Houses to buy and cars to get along with Crews and plain Anarchy this game raises the Bar on all Levels
    User-Generated content like Death Matches and Races leave Unlimited amounts to experience along with over 700 Missions from Rockstar themselves along with free content updates monthly
    I would boldy say you may get well over 200-250hours worth of gameplay combining everything in this game , Include user-generated content and Upcoming Online Heists and General Free-Roaming Online Anarchy you could be looking at over 1000hours of gameplay
    One of the Best games ever made if not the Best Ever especially content and Quality wise
    I Demand you Buy this game and have a ton of FUN!

  7. lifegoeson05


    on 2/7/14
    Score 2.5

    Just got way too boring after a while, they didn't update it with anything that was really worth my time.

  8. Brem


    on 18/7/14
    Score 7.6

    For what GTA V is, it's one of the best open world games ever, but the online problems and the mundane story really took me out of the world. I haven't played this game much since I got it. What really got me was how bad the multiple endings were. They are as cliche as you can get.

  9. BigEasy


    on 12/8/14
    Score 9.0

    Best GTA yet of course Rockstar really put hard work into this game. The only problem is this game gets boring after doing everything in both online and campaign.

  10. David117


    on 4/12/14
    Score 10

    This game is amazing. The online factor could be better but still if you have a group of friends to play with you should never get bored. there are so much fun things to do in this game you can just cause so much chaos and destruction and do lots of random things like drive a big old dump truck down the side of a mountain. there's a endless amount of fun things to do in this game. also with the free DLCs they give out theres always more things being added. this game makes every other game feel boring. 10/10 anyday

  11. XCON


    on 18/9/15
    Score 10

    Single player may be great but wait till you try online...then you'll love this with your life