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Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 / Xbox 360
editor score 8
user score 7.1
Release Date






Vehicular Combat



Modern Military


Avalanche Studios


Eidos Interactive

  1. Scratimus


    on 11/6/15
    Score 7.1

    Just sit back and turn off your mind and prepare to have your mind blown. I am going to to tell you the good, the bad, and the nerdy! #BlackNerdComedy

    First the Good:
    Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Me lika da shiny! The graphic have vastly improved since the first game. Granted the first was just an Xbox port with achievements attached. The game knows what it is and pulls off the over the top gameplay better than other open world games such as Saints Row or Crackdown. The grapple is retardly over sensationalize but that's okay because it is extremely useful from escapes to attaching two cars together and watching them go boom! The main story is short around 5-9 hours but the gameplay with in it makes it somewhat well rounded.Voices are on point and calling equipment in via your pda is always fun.

    The Bad:
    Camera... enough said. GPS tends to loose its waypoint. Lots of rinse and repeat side missions, enemies, etc. Over abundance of MacMuffin searching, and side missions in general to extend gameplay.

    The Nerdy:
    If you like the show LOST you will find two easter eggs at X: 1769, Y: 4351 and X: 1275 Y: 3663. A reference to the movie I am Legend is in the game but you will have to figure that one out for yourself.

    Conclusion: This game is worth the credits and I recommend it to those who were fans of the first game. No need to play that one to play this one. 7/10