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Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 / Xbox 360
editor score 9
user score 8.4
Release Date



First-Person Shooter



Modern Military


Infinity Ward



  1. Brem


    on 9/1/14
    Score 6.7

    This was the follow up to the hit Call of Duty 4, and it really did deliver, that is, until the game started to become a hacked mess and Infinity Ward didn't bother to fix the problems for a long time. I got tired of all of the hacking being done, that I put this game in the series close to last place. The campaign is also mundane and doesn't re-capture the glory of CoD4.

  2. Blue Gun

    Blue Gun

    on 16/1/14
    Score 6.0

    Multiplayer was craptastic. A big dissappointment that got rushed so it could meet the release date. Lots of exploits on the multi, so you'll get cheaters, boosters, guys with pirate guns shooting you from across the map & other things that make it nearly unplayable.

    Coming from a guy who absolutely loved CoD4 this one did everything it could to completely derail the series. The campaign was acceptable but not really memorable. Another thing about the multi that I've been noticing is that for some reason the games in the series after CoD4 have been neglecting snipers. This game only has 1 decent sniper map, the same can be said about Black Ops. CoD4 had 4 to 5 good sniper maps.

    Overall just kinda "Meh".

  3.  wresltewargamer


    on 5/5/14
    Score 8.7

    The storyline to me was okay but the multiplayer got a little bit off than i though

  4. splaystone 733

    splaystone 733

    on 31/7/14
    Score 9.0

    fun game unless you run into a hacker buti will admit that it is fun to be in a modded lobby and i only have 1 copy of this game