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Tetris Evolution

Tetris Evolution / Xbox 360
editor score 6.6
user score 6.6
Release Date





Mass Media, Inc.



The eight game modes available to play include;
Marathon - Standard 15 level Tetris play
Score - Attempting to rack up a predetermined amount of points while racing against the clock
Race - Attempting to clear a predetermined amount of lines while also racing the clock.
Go Low - In which you can only score points for getting lines in the bottom four of the play field, and hard dropping.
Cascade - Played marathon style, except there is no sticky Tetris gravity and tetromino squares that are not connected to anything will continue to fall. Which in turn creates chain reactions.
Hotline - There are 8 colored lines on the grid, these are which you score more points in for clearing lines upon them. Cascade gravity is also in effect during this mode.
Ultra - A race against the clock, with one, three and five minute games to choose from.
Eraser - Similar to Hotline, the goal is to quickly get lines on predetermined sections of the grid. Getting a line on one of these erases it from play. Once all are erased you have won and your time is shown.