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uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

uDraw Studio: Instant Artist / Xbox 360
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This title which is bundled with uDraw's GameTablet serves as a showcase of the features of the GameTablet through step-by-step art lessons, free form graphics creation and several minigames.


Using audio and video the game guides you through a series of art lessons ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate and cover such topics as basic tablet usage cool and warm colors and drawing in perspective. During a lesson the game guides the player through a task via the alternating use of audio and video and hands on use of the drawing features. Unfortunately the game includes no way to judge your artistic performance and as such lessons can be completed very quickly and without feedback as to what you might have done right or wrong.


Aside from saving your images to system memory you also have the ability to upload your images to the World of uDraw website where you can find your art work by visiting the link provided the game after the completion of an upload.


The game includes 3 minigames making use of the tablets features.

Alien Swarm

In this game the player must press down the tip of the sylus onto the tablet in order to destroy swarming aliens.

Tilt Maze Game

As the title indicates this game will have the player navigate a ball of paint through a maze utilizing the tablets tilt functionality.

Tilt Painting Challenge

This game is very similar to the Tilt Maze Game however instead of a maze the player is confronted with periodically appearing holes in the game area. Falling into one of these holes restarts the level.