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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 / Xbox One
editor score
user score 8.5
Release Date



First-Person Shooter




EA Games

  1. Sebastian4


    on 4/12/16
    Score 8.5

    Battlefield 1 offers players an accurate insight of what life was like for soldiers during World War 1. It offers an impressive multiplayer experience fit for players willing to adapt to a given scenario (e.g. switching from scout to assault in order to fend off incoming enemies.) and 5 different game modes to choose from. From time to time I have experienced annoying issues concerning lag spikes and the inability to spawn, but it did not take away my interest from the game. The in game reward system, Battle packs, rewards the player at the end of matches randomly (from my perspective)which quite annoyed me, but it did not affect my experience. The on part that annoyed me the most during my time was the leveling up system. Many game reviewers have spoke of the campaign to be short for it lacked more hours of story telling which is true; however, the campaign offered side missions which kept playing and at the end I was awesomely rewarded with variety of skins for different guns. In all in all, the game is great for those new to the Battlefield franchise and looking for a skill based game.