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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts / Xbox One
editor score 6.4
user score 5.4
Release Date



First-Person Shooter

Modern Military


Modern Military



Infinity Ward



  1. N8Dizzle


    on 29/4/14
    Score 7.0

    It seems like the game declines every year. The customization options are complicated and way to many door openings resulting in being shot in the back over and over.

  2. mAADtAi


    on 22/5/14
    Score 5.0

    Call of Duty is slowly falling short

  3. Irish


    on 25/6/14
    Score 7.7

    Problem is its simply not near as good as Modern Warfare or the Black Ops games
    Customization options are so annoying and dumb and is it me or does it take an Insane amount of time to Level up Onlin
    The Single Play falls short of just stupid at times and there is nothing that will get you excited , Characters are just not nearly as good as the cast in Modern Warfare
    Extinction though is worth checking out especially if your a Zombies Fan from Black Ops as its very similar and is probably the best thing about the game besides the mode Squads
    Graphics are Improved but nothing mind-blowing
    Extinction and Squads modes are great fun and MultiPlayer isn't Terrible , Single Player is ehhh
    Overall an Ok game , Much better with Friends
    Here is hoping Infinity Ward dump Ghosts and make Modern Warfare 4

  4. LPfor3v3r


    on 4/4/15
    Score 7.2

    Ah, COD: Ghosts... Where to begin?
    Personally, I didn't think the game was not all that bad. Yes, it felt dull compared to its predecessors, but standing alone, it was still a fairly solid game in terms of the online multiplayer and campaign.

    The online multiplayer is the reason the majority of Call of Duty players buy these games, so I'll base my review around that aspect.

    I felt that this game's multiplayer was easy to get into, which is a plus. It was easy to become familiar with the weapons and maps, and easy to pick up a play style that would guarantee you the win. With that said, this game noticeably plays slower than the games before it. When I continued to play online for a time, I noticed most people on both teams preferred to take slower approaches on the enemy instead of "running and gunning", A.K.A. "camping". People can choose to play however they wish, but it does take away that excitement factor we all would like to experience when playing a Call of Duty game.

    If you're looking to purchase this game at this time, I'd go ahead and recommend it.

  5. CryotoxicM


    on 13/6/15
    Score 4.0

    this one was the worst



    on 26/6/15
    Score 3.1

    CoD will never be the same as before, they are going way to far into the future and this game was the start of it.