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Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X / Xbox One
editor score 8.5
user score 8.2
Release Date







Martial Arts



NetherRealm Studios


WB Games

  1. codyr5188


    on 6/6/15
    Score 8.9

    Good game. Lots of action. Story mode takes forever but has a good story line. Fighting gets repetitive but what do you expect. Takes a lot of money if you want to have all in-game additions.

  2. Kankuro


    on 23/3/16
    Score 7.5

    If you're just looking to sit down and perform some gruesome deaths, parents beware!
    Mortal Kombat is a series I've followed since I was a kid, and this installment didn't let me down one bit! The story mode on this game was great, it was a good length, had a nice story, and features some great characters. The gameplay itself is the classic Mortal Kombat fighting that we have always loved. The Xrays were amazing and the new characters were so much fun!
    The biggest downfall of this game is the amount of money it takes to get all the characters and other DLC goodies. I haven't bought a single DLC for the game due to the amount it costs. another downfall of this game is the lack of solo replayability. If you have friends that enjoy this game a lot, then this purchase is much more justifiable.

    Overall, MKX is a great addition to a classic series, has awesome new features & characters, and does what it set out to do which is create gruesome deaths! If it wasn't for the DLC costs and lack of solo replay I'd rate this much higher.