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Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division / Xbox One
editor score 8
user score 7.0
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Ubisoft Massive


Ubisoft Entertainment

  1. KevinCrawford


    on 7/6/16
    Score 7.0

    The Division takes place in an abandoned New York city, after a plague wiped out most of the population and caused the rest to evacuate. Division agents are then activated to help find the cure and wipe out the various terrorist groups left in the city.

    The division gives the player an upgradable list of multiple abilities to choose from, such as a pulse that will show enemies and make teammates deal more damaged to highlighted enemies, A deployable turret that can be upgraded to flamethrower, and a seeker mine, a grenade that drives itself to enemies, then blows up like a cluster bomb.

    The game has a short story mode with a little over 10 missions. After completing the story the game becomes very grind-heavy, meaning players will have to return to the same areas and fight similar enemies and bosses to rank up. Like Destiny all over again.

    What separates The Division from other games is "The Darkzone." The Darkzone is the area of the map still infected with the plague/disease. The Darkzone contains all the high level loot crates, weapons, and clothes for players to pick up, but the only way to get those items out of the darkzone and use them, is to extract them. When extracting, all players in the nearby area are alerted. They can either: come join you in defending the zone and extract their loot, or kill you and take all the items you worked hard to get. This can make for some intense interactions and conversations with other players.

    The reason I give the game a 7 is because I felt like after beating the story there wasn't much replay value for me. Im not a fan of playing the same repeat missions/areas to rank up, although I'm sure some people enjoy that.

    Pros: The gameplay is smooth and fun. Character customization (Gun mods, different gear, different clothes), Great graphics, and The Darkzone

    Cons: Very Grind-heavy. All clothing looks similar. Short story. Side missions are dull.