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WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition

WWE 2K19 Deluxe Edition / Xbox One
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2K Sports

Largest Roster Ever

As with each year in a flowing annual trend, 2K Sports aims to provide the largest and most comprehensive roster of playable characters, beating out last years monstrous roster count. While it's understandable that recent releases might be removed and recent acquisitions might not make it in, WWE has a deep pool of characters to pull from.

The Return of Showcase Mode, featuring Daniel Bryan

A beloved game play mode not seen in the past two editions (WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18) in order to focus on other content and modes, makes a triumphant return this year. And unlike previous Showcase modes, features a current active WWE Superstar in the way of Daniel Bryan, a talent who's career is storied, passionate, and wrought with drama including a miraculous return to in-ring action from what was once perceived to be a permanent retirement not long ago.

Official Trailer

Cover Star: AJ Styles

AJ StylesAJ Styles

Cover stars for WWE games have historically been focused on featuring past or most recognizable talent to grab the attention of fans old and new, which have included the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock. However, starting with last year featuring current WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has set a favorable trend to shining a spotlight on deserving talent still working full time with the company.

This years focus on AJ Styles is not only deserved from a talent standpoint, but makes overall sense as the current long-reigning WWE Champion.

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey as Pre-Order Bonuses

Not one but two pre-order bonuses are available this year in the way of two very popular contrasting superstars. Kurt Angle is semi-retired and an acting GM on RAW while Ronda is as of this writing only a few matches deep in her pro wrestling career.

Ronda Rousey WWE in game debutRonda Rousey WWE in game debut